Vapo is committed to responsible business operations

Vapo has committed to the following principles of corporate responsibility

  • Vapo’s senior management commits itself to working in accordance with the values and management principles of the company.
  • We regularly assess our values, business idea and strategy.
  • We recognise the needs of our customers and other key stakeholders.
  • We work in close cooperation with our customers, personnel, decision-makers, authorities, land owners, business partners, neighbours, media and other essential stakeholders.
  • As a local operator in several countries, we recognise the local needs and values.
  • Our group-level management policies are approved by our senior management.
  • We assess our working practices and business operations on a regular basis.
  • We promote the wellbeing and equal opportunities of our personnel and subcontractors.
  • We respect and observe the ethical principles of a responsible company as recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce.

The Board of Directors and Management Team determine Vapo’s strategy on corporate responsibility. The practical work is supervised by the Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

Vapo’s corporate responsibility reporting complies with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

Vapo’s environmental work is guided by the company’s environmental strategy and environmental policy. They set the guidelines for the management of environmental issues throughout the group and in each country of operation.

According to Vapo’s environmental strategy, environmental views and both the customer’s and the society’s needs must be taken into consideration in all product and service chains. When using natural resources, the key elements are recognising the source of a raw material, the efficiency of use and minimising the environmental impact. Laws, permit conditions and operational principles, goals and programmes drawn up according to the environmental strategy all guide the daily activities of the people working at Vapo.