GRI reporting principles and exlusions

Vapo is a responsible actor, both financially and in terms of its operating environment and employees. We report on corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues annually, applying international GRI standards.

Vapo’s corporate responsibility report includes information about principles, goals and actual performance, and about the economic, environmental and social impacts of the company’s operations.

Reporting data is collected electronically by means of the company’s Repo/CSM system throughout the Group and in all operating countries. Data is collected in either Finnish or English. The Repo/CSM system is also used to collect data in Finland for the VAHTI register, which is maintained by the authorities for environmental reporting.

The key financial figures are based on the company’s accounting and financial statements. Environmental data has also been collected from statistics that are reported to the authorities and internal reports. Environmental costs and investments are defined according to environmental guidelines issued by the Accounting Board.