The way we operate

Vapo is part of everyday life for the Finns

Vapo is a modern specialist organization and a leading developer of bioenergy in Finland and the Baltic Sea region. We invest heavily in product development in the bioenergy sector and our production makes use of the best available technology.

The proportion of imported fuel used in Finland is approximately 70 percent. The share of peat in the total energy used in Finland is over 5 percent, which makes it a vital domestic energy source.

Finnish communities and industry base their energy production mainly on Finnish fuels – peat and wood. In the cogeneration of district heating and electricity, both peat and wood have an equal share and together are almost 40 percent. In Finland alone, over a million people’s home or workplace is heated using wood and peat. At the same time, domestic and local energy replace imported fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and oil.

The use of domestic fuels supports Finland’s national economy, trade balance and energy security and helps reduce emissions and improve self-sufficiency. Vapo’s pellet replaces oil as a heating fuel in family houses, large properties and heating plants alike.

In addition to the production of heat and electricity, peat can be used for many other purposes. It is used as a substrate by market gardens and nurseries, and as a bedding material on farms. Manure treated with peat is a valuable source of additional nutrients for the land. Peat can also be used in balneotherapy, for combating oil spills, in the production of cosmetics, and in textiles.

Vapo’s other activities are also part of everyday life in Finland and help to meet everyday needs. Kekkilä’s products are well-known among hobby gardeners and professional growers.

In all of its activities Vapo takes into account the principles of corporate responsibility, and it strives to continuously improve its responsible business practices. As a producer of local fuels, a central part of Vapo’s business practices is acknowledging the state of the environment and the company’s environmental impacts, and minimising detrimental effects.