Responsibility for the environment

At Vapo we are committed to continual improvements in our activities and in our work for the envrionment. We aim to be recognized as a responsible actor wherever we have a presence.

Vapo's environmental strategy sets out the overall, long-term direction in environmental responsibility. We will reduce emissions and effluents, we will use natural resrouces in a sustainable manner, we will improve material efficiency, we will reduce our waste load and make our offices environmentally friendly.

Within the environmental stratedy, each of Vapo's businesses has an environmental programme containing the key environmental responsibility issues and annual environmental targets.

Aiming for sustainable usage of natural resources

We apply sustainability principles to the way we use peat resources. We are a member of the Energy Peat Europe and we apply the association's Responsible Peatland Management Code of Practice.

Our objective is to make determined efforts to reduce the watercourse load from peat production and use the best available technology. We also emphasize efficient monitoring and management of environmental risks. When we acquire new peat production areas, we prioritize areas already shaped by man. We ensure biodiversity through active and considered after-use of production areas.

Our aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We replace fossil fuels - oil and coal - will local fuels and energy solutions. Our objective is to rapidly turn bogs released from production into carbon sinks. We aim to improve energy efficiency in everything we do, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport and analyze the carbon footprint of our products.

We report our activities

In environmental matters Vapo operates in an open and transparent manner. We report our environmental responsibility in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.