Versatile peat offers an excellent material for garden substrates

Our light agricultural peat is slightly decomposed sphagnum peat. Thanks to its physical, chemical and biological qualities, it provides a superior choice for an organic garden substrate material. Its structure gives it excellent water-retaining qualities while still maintaining its airiness.

Peat contains hardly any pathogens, chemicals or weed seeds. Its acidity and nutrient content can be easily adjusted. A natural raw material, Vapo’s light agricultural peat offers an excellent choice for those looking for an ecological choice.

Our black agricultural peat is highly decomposed, earthy peat. It offers a top-quality material for different garden substrates. It is also suitable for improving mineral, sand and clayey soil with low humus content and can be used as material for topsoil.

Peat improves the soil’s biological activity and granular structure. It has an excellent water retaining capacity. The water released from peat helps plants to endure aridity and diseases.

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