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Vapo Fibers refines peat and peatland biomass to serve the needs of the fibre product industry. Peat fibre has many unique special properties compared to other materials. Peat fibres are antibacterial, lightweight, they have good heat insulation properties, and they absorb oils. Peat fibre naturally prevents the growth of mould and, when dry, repels water.

Due to their special properties, products manufactured from peat fibre represent a competitive advantage, success factor and source of added value for consumers and producers of reprocessed products. Peat fibre is suitable for uses such as various construction, decoration and acoustic boards as well as
nonwoven fabrics, compression molding products and composites. Peat moulding products are another promising prospect, such as alternatives to the plastic inner packaging of electronic products.

Peat fibre is an ecological and pure natural product

There is genuine demand for a material such as peat fibre as, in addition to its special properties, it is a pure natural product that does not contain impurities such as ink residue or added chemicals. Peat fibre is an ecologically sustainable alternative.

Peat fibre has a small carbon footprint and its production is energy-efficient. As producing peat fibre does not require the use of land suitable for agriculture or forestry, it does not displace food production or affect the availability of wood raw material in any stage of the production chain.

Peat fibre applications include:

Insulating materials
Peat moulding products
Other fibre products

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Short peat fibre

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