Packaged litter peat products

Convenient to use and easy to store

Vapo’s packaged litter peat is convenient and easy to store. Bales of litter peat feature all the benefits of litter peat. The appropriate size and weight of the packages also make them easy and clean to handle, and they do not take up much space during storage.

Baled litter peat is also suitable for composting at home or at the summer cottage, as litter for veterinary clinics, transport vehicles and lavatories, for use as an absorbent and litter at slaughterhouses, and for absorbing oil at service stations and garages.

Please note that packaged litter peat freezes in sub-zero temperatures. For this reason, we recommend that you store litter peat in a heated storage facility or thaw it before use.

 Litter peat sheetKuiviketurvelevy

  • Sold on pallets:
    • 200 unpackaged litter peat sheets
    • 25 packages of 8 litter peat sheets each Pallet weight approx. 500 kg per pallet
  • Sheet size 60x40x2.5 cm, weight approx. 2.6kg/sheet Absorption capacity per sheet >40 litres of liquid
  • Equal in volume to approx. 8 m3 of bulk peat Coverage capacity approx. 48 m2 per pallet
  • Heat treated, which makes it also suitable for pig houses Packaged in recyclable plastic
  • Package contents: slightly decomposed, screened and heat treated light-coloured sphagnum peat 

Litter peat bale, 190 litres

  • Volume: 100 litres packaged,
  • 190 litres loose Bale dimensions: 45x25x90 cm, weight approx 25 kg/bale
  • Pallet holds 24 bales, weight approx. 600 kg per pallet
  • Packaged in recyclable plastic
  • Contents of the bale: slightly decomposed, light-coloured sphagnum peat
  • Suitable for pig houses when heat treated

Litter peat bag, 85 litres

  • Volume: 85 litres packed
  • Dimensions: 98x50x12 cm, weight approx. 12 kg/bag
  • allet holds 42 bags, weight approx. 500 kg per pallet
  • Pallet dimensions 100x135x200 cm
  • Packaged in recyclable plastic
  • Contents of the bale: slightly decomposed, light-coloured sphagnum peat

TurvepyöröpaaliPeat in a round bale

  • Volume approx. 2.2 m3 Weight approx. 300 kg per bale
  • Bale dimensions approx. 120x100 cm
  • Sold without a pallet or as two bales packed on a pallet
  • Packaged in recyclable plastic
  • The bale is easy to handle with due care, for example using a tractor’s front-loading round bale fork or the fork of a forklift truck
  • Contents of the bale: slightly decomposed, screened light-coloured sphagnum peat


You can order packaged litter products from Vapo’s sales service. Bales of litter are also available at most agricultural retailers, including K-maatalous and Hankkija shops.