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The high absorption capacity of litter peat keeps your animals dry and the air fresh

Litter peat is a clean and highly absorbent litter. It is soft, safe and comfortable for animals to lie down on. Peat is very well suited for use as litter in animal shelters ranging from dairy cattle to beef cattle, sows, pigs, poultry, horses and fur animals.

Litter peat is slightly decomposed, light-coloured sphagnum peat. Thanks to its spongy and fluffy structure, one cubic metre of peat binds 600–800 litres of liquid. It is also effective in binding nutrients, and its natural acidity means it binds gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Litter peat also prevents the growth and spread of many harmful bacteria.

Litter peat enhances animal comfort, health and productivity. It also improves the work environment of the people who care for the animals by mitigating the smell of manure and reducing the number of flies. Using litter peat makes the air inside the barn fresher because the slightly acidic (pH 4) peat binds manure gases. You can smell the difference.

A nutrient-rich soil improvement agent

Out of the various types of litter available, peat is by far the best for binding manure nutrients, fluids and smells. This makes the storage and use of manure easier. Manure dried with rapidly composting litter peat allows the nitrogen contained in manure and urine to be quickly utilised by crops. It generates humus for fields and accelerates organic activity in the soil.Peat manure is safe to use as our environmental peat products are free of plant diseases and weed seeds.

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