Hevoset laitumella

Litter and absorbent products — superior absorption and faster composting

Our litter and absorbent products are very well suited for use as animal litter, to absorb various liquids and as catalysts in composting. Our high quality and delivery reliability make our litter and absorbent products a safe and secure choice.

Our nationwide operations enable extensive delivery coverage and our large inventories ensure product availability.

You can order litter and absorbent products conveniently through our sales service and online store. Our expert personnel are pleased to give you more information on product characteristics, the use of the products and their terms of sale.

Our packaged litter products are also sold at Hankkija and K-maatalous shops.

Order litter and absorption peat from us

The contact details for our sales department are shown on the right. As a consumer customer, you can order products from our sales service and online store.Our Sales Managers are available to help you if you require more information on our product range.