Vapo’s management

The Vapo Group has a Management Team appointed by the Board of Directors of Vapo Oy, which supports the CEO in his work. The management’s work takes place within two management teams: the Group’s management team and the management team of Vapo Oy’s energy business. The management teams are responsible for:

  1. Deciding on investments and acquisitions within the limits of authority approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Ensuring that the decisions made by the governing bodies are implemented in an appropriate manner in the organisation.
  3. Assisting Vapo Oy’s CEO in preparing for Vapo Oy’s Board meetings and investigating all matters which the CEO has ordered them to investigate.
  4. Actively promoting cooperation between the Business Areas and agreeing on joint principles and development measures in Group management.

The management teams convene on a regular basis. The Group’s management team convenes at least three times a year and the energy business’s management team at least once a month.