Group Management Team

Vapo Group has a Group Management Team appointed by Vapo Oy’s Board of Directors, supporting the CEO in his work. The CEO acts as the Chairman of the Group Management Team and appoints its Secretary. The Group Management Team is responsible for:

  1. Supporting the CEO in investment decisions and procurement, taking the Board-approved authorisations into consideration.
  2. Ensuring that the decisions made by the governing bodies are implemented in an appropriate manner in the organisation.
  3. Assisting Vapo Oy’s CEO in preparing for Vapo Oy’s Board meetings and investigating all matters which the CEO has ordered them to investigate.
  4. Actively promoting cooperation between the Business Areas and agreeing on joint principles and development measures in Group management.
  5. Organising and developing occupational safety.

The Group Management Team convenes on a regular basis. The Group Management Team convenes at least ten times a year.

The Group Management Team convened 7 times during the financial year 1 May–31 December 2019.

The key focus areas of the Group Management Team’s work were monitoring strategic targets and the execution of the Group’s strategy.

The members of the Group Management Team do not hold any shares in Vapo Oy or its subsidiaries.