General Meeting

The highest decision-making body in the Vapo Group is Vapo Oy’s General Meeting. In accordance with the Articles of Association (Appendix 1), the General Meeting is convened by registered letter to the shareholders sent to the address in the share register no later than eight days before the meeting. The Annual General Meeting is held annually in either Jyväskylä or Helsinki on a date determined by the Board of Directors, no later than six months after the end of the financial year.

Vapo Oy’s Board of Directors, its Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected by the General Meeting in compliance with the Shareholders’ Agreement.

Due to Vapo Oy being owned by two shareholders, there is no need to publish the Annual General Meeting minutes and draft resolutions on the Vapo website. A separate press release will be published regarding appointments. The financial statements and the notes to the financial statements are published on the Vapo website.