The Grow&Care division holds a central role in our strategy for the future. The Grow&Care division and Dutch BVB Substrates have combined to form Europe’s leading and most versatile company in the market for professional growers and home gardeners. The new company, called Kekkilä BVB Oy, combines decades of experience in professional growing and related products. The goal of the company is to provide horticultural solutions that support sustainable development and conserve fresh water, catering to the growing global trend of clean local food and the construction of attractive and pleasant living environments.

Kekkilä-BVB Oy

  • Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland.
  • Vapo Oy will own 70%, and the van Buuren family’s investment company 30% of the company’s shares.
  • The companies’ strong brands will remain.
  • Pro forma net sales will be EUR 240 million, and the company will employ around 500 people.
  • Professional growing will form 48%, hobby and landscaping 39 %, and materials, animal care and recycling 13% of the company’s net sales.
  • 37% of the company’s business will come from the Nordic countries, 27% from the Netherlands, 18% from Central and Eastern Europe. The company has also significant exports to Asia, Africa and to both North and South America. The company has exports to over 80 countries.

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"We are looking for growth especially in the professional growing business area. Strong brands remain."