Our energy solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs

We have implemented over a hundred heating solutions for industrial customers and municipalities. Our customers get access to environmentally friendly and competitively priced heating based on Vapo’s solutions.

We work together with our customers to select the most suitable energy solution, whether they are industrial operators, energy companies and municipalities. We can provide both partial and comprehensive solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions involve an investment in a production facility using the turnkey principle, and we also manage the facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its life cycle.

We also have the capacity to offer municipalities an energy partnership, which means we manage their entire district heating business. We offer heating solutions to municipalities and heating companies, supply heat to large-scale properties and deliver process heat and steam to industrial customers. We deliver tailored heating solutions to our customers, ranging from fuel deliveries to full service heating production. The service details of our energy solutions are agreed separately with each customer.

We are reliable

Delivery reliability in heating solutions means the customer receives the necessary output every hour. For example:

  • We offer a solution that enables the high usability of a production plant using domestic fuels while minimising the use of expensive oil and gas.
  • We ensure the availability of domestic fuel for the entire duration of your customer relationship.
  • We continuously monitor production processes from our centralised control room and provide local operating personnel to handle proactive maintenance and emergency visits.
  • We arrange adequate reserve capacity and adjustment capacity for your disposal, and duplicate critical functions as necessary.

We are highly competent

We invest in competence development. This is made possible by the large scale of our operations. Our specialists will be available to you and, as your partner, we will offer you added value, such as:

Allowing you to focus on your core business instead of being concerned about energy-related problems and risks

Working with you to select the technology and solution that ensures energy efficiency at the energy production facility and in your own production processes

Managing special situations during operation, such as regulatory changes or changes to the scale of your operations

The customer benefits from our expertise throughout the value chain

We enhance our fuel solutions through Vapo’s own energy expertise. We understand the impacts of our fuels on a plant’s usability and the total cost of fuel.We understand the effects of stricter regulations, not only at the power plant level, but also in the fuel value chain Our heating solutions rely on our own fuel expertise, supply chain optimisation and delivery reliability throughout the term of each contract.

Heat for municipalities and heating companies

In many Finnish municipalities, we supply heat to district heating networks owned by municipalities and heating companies. The partnership arrangement is that we handle everything related to heating production, while the municipality or heating company handles the distribution of district heating to end users.

In our heating business model, we buy or rent the municipality’s entire heating business and, as the heating provider, take responsibility for all operations. We commit to supplying heat on the terms agreed on with each customer.

Outsourcing heating production is a sensible option for large properties.

Outsourcing heating production to Vapo offers large properties a cost-efficient solution for the purchasing of heating. We offer heating based on pellet energy to large properties (with a heating requirement in excess of 3,000 MWh/a). We take responsibility for the heating plant’s investments, fuel supply, plant maintenance and, if necessary, the operation of the plant

For larger properties, we also offer solutions based on other biofuels.

Process heat and steam for industrial customers

Vapo is a significant supplier of process heat and steam for industrial customers in Finland. We provide our industrial customers with versatile energy solutions in a flexible and individualised manner, based on the needs of each customer.

Contact our experts to find out more about the various solutions we can offer you. Contact details are on the right-hand side of the page.