Sod peat is a homogeneous and domestic fuel that suits many boilers

We supply high-quality sod peat to our customers. Sod peat is used as a fuel in energy production at power plants, heating plants and property-scale boilers. Vapo’s sod peat is affordable and homogeneous, which makes it a popular fuel for purposes such as greenhouses. The peat is compressed into pieces that do not generate dust, and they are easy to handle and store.

Our sod peat pieces have a diameter of 40–70 millimetres and their length is 50–200 millimetres. The average moisture content of sod peat is 34–36 per cent and its average calorific value is 3.6 MWh/t, or approximately 12.9 MJ/kg. For more information on the characteristics of sod peat, please refer to the right-hand side of the page.

Our peat products are produced using the most responsible methods in the industry. We place a high priority on environmental considerations in water treatment, the selection of production areas and the transparency of our operations. Read more about the way we operate on our Responsibility pages.