Wood pellets are an efficient, homogeneous and renewable fuel

We supply our customers with high-quality wood pellets that are ideally suited for use in smaller properties as well as large combined heat and power plants, where they can be used as the primary or support fuel in heating production.

Vapo’s pellets are a domestic and inexpensive fuel that have a high reliability of supply. Pellets are an efficient and convenient fuel for heating production due to their high energy content, homogeneity and ease of handling and storage.

Wood pellets are produced from wood processing by-products, namely sawdust and cutter chips. Wood pellets are a climate-neutral fuel that can replace the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal.

Pellets at heating plants

Businesses and public corporations can use pellets as a heating fuel for locations such as production facilities, business premises, greenhouses, as well as municipal and state-owned properties such as health centres, schools and office buildings.

The use of wood pellets is easy to automate. The most efficient implementation of pellet heating involves pellet burners, which can be installed in combination boilers or solid fuel boilers. Due to their high energy content and homogeneity, pellets can increase the peak output and operating reliability of all heating plants using solid fuels.

Vapo has six pellet factories across Finland. Thanks to our production capacity and comprehensive distribution network, pellets are a fuel solution with a high degree of delivery reliability. For our large customers, we deliver bulk pellets directly to storage silos using lorries or blowing lorries.

Pellet use at households and farms

The Finnish climate makes it necessary to heat our homes approximately 250 days per year. Heating causes significant costs. With this in mind, it is good to know that pellet heating is much less expensive than traditional oil or electrical heating. A modern pellet heating system pays itself back in just a few years.

Vapo’s wood pellets for household heating are a renewable and inexpensive biofuel produced from domestic raw materials. Pellets are a homogeneous fuel that are easy to handle. One cubic metre of wood pellets produces more than three times the energy of one cubic metre of logs or wood chips.