Energy peat and wood fuel solutions

We offer energy peat and wood fuel solutions tailored to customer needs all across Finland. We supply these domestic solid fuels to power and heating plants as well as for use as a raw material in pellet production.

At Vapo, wood fuel and energy peat sales are handled by the same organisation, which means that you can order both wood fuels and energy peat from the same contact person. We have the capacity to choose the ideal fuel mixture considering the customer’s overall needs. We can deliver fuel as agreed and in accordance with day-to-day use.

Fuel offering

Our primary energy peat and wood fuel products are:

  • Milled peat, which is a fuel for power and heating plants that is produced responsibly in accordance with the quality guidelines for peat;
  • Sod peat, which is a fuel for property-specific heating that is produced responsibly in accordance with the quality guidelines for peat;
  • Wood chips, which are either whole tree chips and stem chips, felling waste chips or stump chips;
  • and wood processing by-products such as sawdust, bark and sawmill chips.

Our professionals are always happy to give you more information about the use, ordering and pricing of peat and wood fuels.

We supply fuel flexibly, according to customer needs

Among other things, we have introduced new ways of supplying peat that allow us to put together the best possible solution for each customer. Our five basic solutions are complemented by four special products.

  1. Takuuvarmaturve (Guaranteed Peat) is a new and reliable fuel alternative that is fully independent of production conditions. It is based on our nationwide production network and buffer stock maintained from one year to the next. The contract is signed well in advance of the start of the production season.
  2. Perusturve (Basic Peat) is a long-standing service that is often based on multiyear contracts. Either on its own or in combination with the Guaranteed Peat product, it is the ideal solution for customers with large base loads.
  3. Lisäturve (Additional Peat) supplements the aforementioned alternatives and provides added flexibility to the customer’s fuel solutions.
  4. In our Multifuel Solutions, peat can be the primary fuel or just one component of the broader solution, depending on the customer’s needs. We are also prepared to offer our fuel and combustion technology expertise to customers to support their decisions.
  5. Aumaturve (Stock Peat), involves selling one whole stack to the customer. Transport arrangements are agreed on separately and can be handled by either the customer or Vapo.

In addition to these basic solutions, we offer our customers the following special products:

  1. Condensing Peat, the price of which depends on the price of electricity produced from it
  2. SPOT Peat, an option that provides added flexibility to the customer. Deliveries are always agreed on a case-by-case basis and can be made at very short notice if necessary.
  3. Scrubber Peat, which can help reduce fuel-related waterborne and atmospheric sulphur emissions from the customer’s production plant, while also improving production efficiency.
  4. Tailored Peat, which is fuel whose attributes are set according to the customer’s needs. Examples include high or low sulphur content, low ash content, screened peat and high thermal value.

We produce peat according to demand in such a way that our stocks at the end of the production season are equal to the demand for two heating seasons. We want to be a guaranteed supplier of domestic fuel under all circumstances.