Domestic fuel solutions

We offer our customers domestic solid fuels such as energy peat, wood fuels and pellets, as well as related added value services. We have a broad customer base ranging from industrial, municipal and energy sector operators to consumers. We want to offer each of our customers the domestic fuel solution that best suits their needs.

As a customer you benefit from our expertise throughout the value chain

In addition to responsible fuel production, our energy expertise is based on our nationwide logistics network and the experience we have accumulated from operating more than 150 power and heating plants. We understand the impacts of our fuels on a plant’s usability and the total cost of fuel. We understand the effects of stricter regulations, not only at the power plant level, but also in the fuel value chain

As a fuel supplier, we are:


We have the best capacity to sign multiyear fuel agreements with our customers. We offer high reliability of supply now and decades ahead. Our reliability of supply is based on our extensive contract equipment, comprehensive network of fuel wood terminals and warehouses, around-the-clock monitoring and the capacity to always offer alternative fuels.


We recognise our social responsibility and acknowledge our important role as a responsible producer of domestic energy. We engage in continuous open dialogue with various stakeholders and report on our corporate responsibility in accordance with the international GRI guidelines. Read more about responsibility in our operations on our Responsible Peat Production site and our Corporate Responsibility page.

Local and domestic

We operate in every region of Finland. Our local impact is reflected in the wages we pay, the services we purchase and the investments we make, which are all at a high level relative to our turnover. We buy services, pay wages and make investments at the local level. We are a locally significant employer in many parts of our operating area.

Highly competent

Our aim is to create value for the customer by being the world leader in the local energy value chain. Vapo combines decades of experience in fuels with our in-house energy expertise. We develop our competence through continuous improvement.